What She Said about Tombstone


She Said: This trip was DEFINITELY not on my list but a Travelzoo Top 20 deal and a husband’s fascination with the movie convinced me to book it.  I am SOOOO glad I did!  A few reasons why:

  1. I got to hang out with the coolest guy ever…Arizona Bill. He works the gun range at the Tombstone Monument Ranch by day and does Ghost Tours in Tombstone by night.
  2. I found a marshal badge (the kid kind) that had my name…this is rare.
  3. I bought the coolest poncho ever made
  4. Stop by Doc Holliday’s and ask for Suzanne! Not only is she GORGEOUS she makes some mean drinks that you won’t regret…until the next day.
  5. I got to karaoke at the ranch in the evening. It was horrible but so much fun! I love George Strait and it was as bad as you can imagine (yes, there is video…)
  6. We stopped by the Tombstone Brewing Company, had some great IPA’s and bought a round for a Vietnam vet and Border Patrol agent who ended up giving us a ride in his bad ass Mustang and having dinner with us at Big Nose Kate’s Saloon.
  7. We rode horses, shot guns, ate great food, met great people, bought lots of cool tank tops and drank more than our share of beer and whiskey.
  8. The BEST find is a little restaurant called the Horseshoe Café we stumbled upon on our drive from Tucson to Tombstone. It is definitely “home cooking.” I had the hot roast beef sandwich. Open faced, brown gravy and it was so good we not only stopped on the way to Tombstone……we stopped on the way back!!
  9. The downfall of the trip was the nightmare with American Airlines (I won’t include her name but she was a real bitch)


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