Cancun and Groupon Catamarans

          A few years ago, I had the idea of renting a sailboat and setting out for a couple of days’ cruise; this worked because one of our pilots was also an experienced sailor. The plan was for a few couples to rent the sailboat and have Mark captain the ship. Toni wasn’t down with this plan for a couple of reasons, the main one being a fear of the open seas on a sailboat.

Fast forward a year…she found a deal on Groupon for a catamaran cruise out of Cancun and since it’s a deal, she’s in. We partnered up with another couple and headed to Cancun for a few days at the resort before boarding our chartered catamaran, the “Who Knew“, for three days of sailing around Cancun.

This was an amazing trip with a captain and a cook to take care of everything. After stocking the boat with food and liquor (the cost of the food and drink was included in the charter and the crew checked with everyone about what kind of food we liked, food allergies, etc.), we embarked on a journey to some remote areas where we took the Zodiac (that’s a rigid hull inflatable boat [RHIB] ala Navy SEAL style) into an estuary where we trekked through jungle paths to check out an abandoned mission church.

Got to see some amazing sea creatures, including a massive school of eagle rays gliding right underneath our Zodiac, and church ruins so old, it felt like we were in a Clive Cussler novel. The best thing about the catamaran was the snorkeling since the catamaran could go to the best shallow reefs and let us explore as long as we wanted.

What Toni didn’t like was that the air conditioner on the catamaran broke after one day on the water. The only time it was uncomfortable was at night but it breaking led us to what I thought was even better which was sleeping outside on the net between the hulls of the catamaran. Waking up on the water like that was awesome.

Then, a hurricane came along…we used the catamaran’s satellite phone to make contact with family back home in the States to get updates and asked them to change our flight plans so we could get out of Cancun before the hurricane hit and shut everything down. All in all, it was an unbelievable trip and I’d definitely be up for one of these catamaran outings again since you can check out remote areas, linger where you want for snorkeling, fish, and have some great food cooked right there on the boat for you.

It was also the first time I had the opportunity to take advantage of a satellite phone and I’m exploring adding that to our travel checklist.


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